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Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates

Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates:

About Kumari 21F Movie:

Leaked Story Of Kumari 21F:

A speculated story of kumari21f is being circulated in the social media from past three days.Raj tarun the lead actor of the film was answering to the questions raised by the press, he revealed few interesting points about the story, he said that the film would be loved by all age groups and every Viewer can identify himself with the character. He also clarified that “A” certification issued by film board doesn’t mean that the film poses obscene content. They have lot of other factors to consider. I surely promise you that the film is a clean entertainer” said Rajtarun.

Based on the recent trailers and his conversation with the media, the bloggers cooked up the story.
Hero Rajtarun will be seen as an insecure boyfriend who is very much worried about Kumari’s loyalty towards their relation, he feels possessive and suspects her, though he loves her to the core but friends around him confuse that Kumari is not worth of his love. It is all about kumari and her matured attitude towards love, which she manages to set things alright between them.
Though it is a speculated story by the over enthusiastic bloggers. It looks interesting .let’s wait and see for the film to be released on 20th November.stay tuned for Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates.
Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates
Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates


Kumari 21F Telugu Movie Review Rating. Director Sukumar is one of the creative directors of Telugu Film Industry starting from his debut endeavor Arya he has shown his mark of storytelling, He is a avid reader of Philosophy, Gudipati venkata chalam is one of his favorite writers. We can identify Chalam’s influence on sukumar’s script. He wrote  Arya’s character  as a stylish youngster who has his own philosophy towards Love. The character has a huge respect for Love. Sukumar’s second project Jagadam with Ram potineni  was scripted based on
“ There is a beast in every human being , it stirs up when needed”. Though the film was declared flop, it was praised for the script values which director tried to express.
His later projects Arya2, 100% love, Nenokkadine has thought content, which is rare in the Telugu film industry,stay tuned to this space for Kumari 21F Movie Review And Rating, Live Updates..
Sukumar started his own banner  “Sukumar writings” to promote to good films.  He is introducing one of his protégés Pratap with the film “Kumari21F” , Sukumar provides story and Dialouges for the movie.
Ratnavelu and Sukumar collaborated for the first time with the film “Arya”, the film was praised for the cinematography by Ratnavelu. Later both of them worked for Jagadam and Nenokkadine.  Ratnavelu is one of the top technicians in India, he did cinematography for  Robo film. Ratnavelu has a special place for Sukumar, and it is evident with the film Kumari21F.
Hero Raj Tarun:
Boy next door looks is a great advantage for this young actor, he proved his acting abilities with the film like “uyyala Jampala” and “Cinemachoopista mava”. He is very confident about the project “ Every viewer can identify himself with the character” says Raj Tarun.
Heeba patel:
This is the second project for her after “Ala ela” , she plays the Title role Kumari . “ I am surprised to know that the character is so similar to my real life character” says Heeba.


Devi sri prasad provides five amazing songs for the film.
The song “Meghalu lekunna” written by Srimani and Anantha sriram  has a great lyrical value, and it is said to be one of the best songs of Devisriprasad.
The film is releasing on 20th November.
Cast & Crew
RajTarun (Uyyala Jampala Fame)
Heeba Patel (Ala ela movie fame)
Written by:  Sukumar (arya fame)
Directed by: Pratap
Music: Devi Prasad
Certification: A
Stay tuned to this space for full review

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